About Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

ENRS Research Interest Groups

Research Interest Groups (RIGs) are formal structures within the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) and represent major areas of nursing research. A primary purpose of the ENRS RIGs is to offer members who share specific research interest(s) a forum for scholarly exchange, collaboration, and networking. The ENRS RIGs draw membership from the larger Society; therefore, any individual member of ENRS is eligible to affiliate with each of the established RIGs. The RIGs of ENRS function to:

  • Support the advancement of nursing science in alignment with the overall ENRS mission, vision, and strategic plan.
  • Support translation of evidence to guide practice and education, and influence policy.
  • Promote a dynamic community for ENRS members with specialized interests and/or expertise.
  • Provide a virtual presence on the ENRS website (i.e., RIG community page) for the specific RIG focus.
  • Address current trends and relevant issues within a research interest area.
  • Share scholarly resources and professional expertise with other RIGs and ENRS members.
  • Foster professional satisfaction of ENRS members by providing opportunities for active participation and community building.

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