Family/Community-Based Participatory RIG


Promote the development of a cohesive group of researchers, theorists, and clinicians by addressing critical issues related to the science of family and community-based participatory research.

Who Should Join?

  • Individuals who have a passion and commitment to advance the science of family nursing with the ultimate goal of enhancing our care of families.
  • Individuals who have a passion and commitment to advance the science of community-based participatory research with the ultimate goal of enhancing our care of communities.
  • Nurses who interact with families--all nurses!

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  • Provide forums for discussion and critique of members’ work (papers, grants, abstracts, etc.) 
  • Facilitate collaboration (publications, presentations, studies, secondary data analyses) 
  • Promote utilization of innovative study designs, methods, and data analysis 
  • Serve as research advocates and mentors 
  • Communicate policy issues 
  • Promote development and testing of interventions and instruments

Recent Projects

  • Collaboration on studies include:
    • studies using secondary data analysis of large national databases;
    • partnerships for other studies;
    • comparing results from two studies;
    • meta-analysis.
  • Review of funded grants focusing on research of families for a grant writing workshop.
  • Several partnerships with the International Family Nursing Association, including participation in one study defining family nursing globally.

Publications & Presentations

Since its inception in 1995, the RIG has conducted approximately 120 presentations, 18 symposia, and 7 pre-conferences.

Presentations and Symposia (among many since 1995) have addressed:

  • Conceptual and methodological issues in research of families,
  • Secondary data analysis,
  • Intergenerational family research,
  • Vulnerable families,
  • Families and genetics,
  • International family research,
  • State of the science,
  • Innovative methods and analysis,
  • Family health promotion,
  • Family interventions,
  • Numerous presentations by RIG members at 2013, 2015, and 2017 International Family Nursing Association Conferences

Pre-Conferences have addressed:

  • Secondary analysis of large data sets: Walking step by step through the process,
  • Research of families: An opportunity for critique and dialogue (dissertations, grants, papers in process)
  • Issues and trends in family nursing research
  • Community-based participatory researchers and family researchers working together
  • Methodological challenges and solutions
  • Creating an effective specific aims page

Publications include:

  • Six articles in an issue on secondary data analysis for research of families (Western Journal of Nursing Research,1999)
  • Six articles in an issue on vulnerable families (Journal of Family Nursing, 2002)
  • Numerous other articles by individual members and members working together.