Nursing Education RIG


To advance the science of nursing education.

Other goals:

  • Promote networking and collaboration among researchers focused on nursing curricular development and evaluation.
  • Assess work that is being done regionally and nationally and work to develop of multi-site research projects.
  • Support research involving self-care, the promotion of resilience and the development of a professional identity starting during nursing education.

Who Should Join?

Any members working in higher education who are interested in advancing the science of nursing education, including but not limited to, the areas of pedagogy, active learning activities, competency development and evaluation, would be welcome in this group.

The group can also include educators who work on the practice side of nursing education. This group has the potential to enhance the understanding of the theory practice gap and the struggles novice nurses face as they transition to practice.

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Contact Information
Co-Chair: Kathleen Horan, PhD, APRN, CNE
Co-Chair: Michele Roberts, EdD, RN, CNE, CHSE


Inception Date: December 2023