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Friends of ENRS

The Friends of ENRS is a volunteer group of ENRS members, associate members and supporters who donate money to help ENRS to achieve its mission and functions. Colleagues in industry, health care, academe, as well as individuals such as patients and their families who want to support the scientific advancement of nursing are most welcome as Friends of ENRS. 

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To encourage participation as a Friend of ENRS, all contributions will be acknowledged and all Friends will be recognized at the annual ENRS Scientific Sessions

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Current & Past Friends of ENRS

Please join us in thanking the following current and past Friends of ENRS: 

Ann Alt-White

Steve L. Alves

Micheline M. Assein

Margaret Barton-Burke

Susan L. Bowar-Ferres

Cathy M. Boyce

Eileen Breslin

Geraldne R. Britton, RN, FNP, PhD

Harleah G. Buck, PhD, RN, CHPN

Joy Burwell

Bernadette Capili, DNSc, NP-C

Diane L. Carroll, PhD, RN

Sharron Close, MS, RN, CPNP-PC

Laurie Conway, RN, MS, CIC

RoAnne Dahlen-Hartfield

Pamela de Cordova, MSN, RN-BC

Rosanna F. DeMarco, PhD, APRN, BC, ACRN

Annette DeVito-Dabs

Dr. MaryEllen Doherty, PhD, RN, CNM

Deborah B. Donahue

Thersa A. Downey

Elizabeth A. Duthie, RN, MA

Ann Dylis, PHD, RN

Dr. Patricia Eckardt, MBA, RN

Laurel A. Eisenhauer

Arthur J. Engler

Dr. Judith Ann Erlen, PhD, RN, FAAN

Suzanne L. Feetham

Kim Fenstermacher, MS, PhD (c)

Ginette A. Ferszt

Susan J. Fetzer

Jane Flanagan, PhD, ANP-BC

Terry Fulmer

April S. Giard, MSN, PMH-NP

Kimberly S. Glassman

Kathryn Louise Gramling

Katherine E. Gregory, RN, PhD

Esther P. Haloburdo

Marylin J. Hammer, PhD, DC, RN

Phyllis S. Hansell, EdD, RN, FAAN

Laura L. Hayman

Elizabeth A. Henneman

Cheryl A. Hettman, PhD, RN

Janice L. Hinkle, RN, PhD, CNRN

June Horowitz, PhD, CNS-BC, FAAN

Dr. M. Katherine Hutchinson, PhD, MS, RN

Pamela Jackson-Malik, PhD, MBA, RN

Catherine Johnson, BSN, MBA, RN

Dorothy A. Jones, EdD, RN, FAAN

Dayle H. Joseph 

Ann M. Kolanowski, PhD, RN

Tammy Lampley, PhD, RN, MSN, CNE

Amy Laufer Kenefick

Elise L. Lev, EdD, RN

Kathleen M. McCauley

Sheila L. Molony, PhD, APRN, GNP-BC

Helen Murray, RN, MSN -- On behalf of the Medgar Evers College, Department of Nursing 

Diana Newman, Ed.D, RN

Ellen Olshansky, DNSc, RNC, CNS.C

Monica Ordway, MSN

Jane A. Oyler 

Mary L. Padden, MSN, RNC, CNS.C

Nancy S. Redeker, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN

Barbara Resnick

Therese S. Richmond

Annie Rohan, RNC, PhDc, NNP-BC/PNP

Gail E. Russell

Rhea Sanford

Donna Schwartz-Barcott

Kathleen R. Sheikh, MSH, (RN) CRNP

Raelene Shipee-Rice

Lillie M. Shortridge-Baggett

Linda A. Silvestri

Kathleen L. Skrabut

Suzanne C. Smeltzer, edD, FAAN

Cathy M. St. Pierre

Kathryn Stewart Hegedus, DNSc, RN

Shirlee Ann Stokes

Patricia L. Stone

Mary C. Sullivan, PHD

Carol Toussie Weingarten

Susanne M. Tracy

Victoria Vaughan-Diskson, MSN, CRNP

Terri E. Weaver

Lois P. Weissman

Lorraine M. Welch

Catherine Winkler, RN, MPH, PhD (c)

Zane R. Wolf, PhD, RN, FAAN

Patti Zuzelo

Our Mission

Established in 1988, ENRS is dedicated to creating a community of nurses interested in promoting and supporting regional nursing research in the Eastern United States. 

Our goals are to:

  • provide a networking forum for Nurse Scientists,
  • develop Nursing Science,
  • translate evidence to guide practice and education and to influence policy,
  • mentor Nurse Scientists,
  • and sustain a vital organization.

ENRS Institutional Members

  • Adelphi University
  • Duquesne University School of Nursing 
  • Elmhurst Hospital Center
  • Excelsior College School of Nursing
  • Fairview Hospital
  • Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing
  • Jordan Hospital
  • Morristown Memorial Hospital
  • South Shore Hospital
  • The Reading Hospital and Medical Center
  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • University of New Hampshire